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Helloooo! I’m a 38 year old with an eating disorder and a life, and which one rules the other depends completely on the day. I’ve been all around the ED block, from EDNOS to (nonpurging) bulimia for most of my life. I JUST realized how dangerous this was a year or so ago (and that my behaviors are pathological and have a name–ED) and had a hospital stay. I’m writing this blog because 1) there’s a dearth of material out there for us mid-lifers, in terms of stories and public struggles, so maybe we can help each other! That would be cool. And 2) This is a place for me to be honest and open and to sort of purge (HA!) my feelings for my own sake. But I hope that helps you, too!

Big ol’ warning: I will try not to say anything triggering, but chances are, if you’re in the middle of an ED, this whole blog may be a trigger for you. So, I just say this: Be careful. Stay safe. Do what’s right for you. And don’t read this if you think it may be harmful to you. I want this to be a force for the good, and even though I don’t know you, I love the crap out of you. For real. I’m very nice. 🙂 Take care of yourself– you are precious to this world.

I’ll say more about my “story” in my posts, though, the scary and cool thing is, we’re always still in our stories, aren’t we? I’m just working toward a happy ending. I hope you are, too!


About kickingitedstyle

I am a thirty-something ass kicker who also happens to have an ED. And two cats. And an awesome boyfriend, etc.

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